Record your trips into unique travel stories

 Record your trips into unique travel stories

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In what is being considered a must have for frequent road travellers and adventure junkies, a unified story-telling platform KOGO has been launched. The platform has an AI-powered KogoAPP and a sensor rich KOGO (Bot) which records where you go and converts it into unique travel stories that can be easily edited, shared and discovered anytime, anywhere.
Created and founded by serial entrepreneurs Raj K Gopalakrishnan and Praveer Kochhar, KOGO is data wrapped in emotion making for great travelogues to share with fellow adventurers who can plan trips conveniently via user recommendations on KOGO. It allows the users to discover amazing places and connect with other passionate travellers.
The Kogo device is a small gadget that has a dedicated GPS and multiple sensors to map out the journey of the traveller. The KOGO APP takes the data captured by the device and uses artificial intelligence to automatically create stories as the person travels. The automated content can be viewed as blogs, maps, cards or videos and can be edited and shared across multiple platforms.
KOGO is also gamifying the entire travel experience, by planting rewards along popular routes to offer special deals and incentives via partner brands including discounts on hotels, petrol, food, events and experiences.
Available at an introductory price of Rs 7,749, KOGO comes bundled with a sim card for the device and data for a year. The team at Kogo is also bundling the app at the moment, which will be priced at Rs 1,300 from the second year onwards. The App is available on Google play store and iOS.


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