ISRO-Pataa to bring revolution in Addressing System

 ISRO-Pataa to bring revolution in Addressing System

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Thanks to Pataa Navigations, India can now look forward to a better addressing system, the lack of which costs the country a whopping loss of 75,000 crores annually.

Pataa Navigations has signed an MoU with the Indian National Space Promotion & Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) for enabling access to ISRO’s Geospatial Services & APIs for the development of the Addressing system. The collaboration would be for the services of ISRO portals, namely Bhuvan, VEDAS, MOSDAC through this MoU.

Pataa-IN-SPACe alliance will be beneficial for geo boundary which in turn will benefit rural India by making loan, seed, tech facilities etc. available to the rural population. Apart from that last mile reach for E-Commerce, loan facilities, quick reach of ambulance will be availed by all.

The Department of Space (DoS) has been monumental in the use of geospatial technologies in the country through its activities in aerial and satellite data acquisition, data supply, mapping, applications and nation­wide operational projects like Bhuvan, VEDAS, MOSDAC etc.

The DoS has also played a major role in the setting up of a large number of state level remote sensing application centres and their data repositories, with spatial analytics portals that helps respective State Governments in addressing specific issues at State level.

Pataa has developed an app for enabling users to create unique customised short codes for their long and complex addresses with added features like voice directions, precise geotagged location, route suggestions, landmark selection, photos and more. It will head in bringing an addressing revolution in India by enabling people to have satellite image based digital addresses.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “When the strength of government institutions and the passion of India’s private sector will meet, not even the sky will be the limit”


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