Now, a smartwallet for your pocket

 Now, a smartwallet for your pocket

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After smartphone, its time to own a smartwallet.
Chennai-based firm Cuir Ally has come up with India’s first smartwallet Voyager. Priced at just Rs 1999, Voyager is available in three colours, black, blue and brown. Bangalore-based platform has crowdfunded this wallet.
Voyager uses a combination of a smart chip and Bluetooth technology that provides users with an incredible day-to-day experience. It functions on the integration of Chipolo® Smart Chip technology.

The chip syncs with your phone through an app and helps you keep both the phone and the wallet safe. This means with the Voyager in place you just cannot lose your wallet or misplace your phone anymore. How? Because your phone will get an alert if you forget your wallet and walk away. Also, you can ring your wallet from your smartphone to find its location; this can be done even when it’s on silent mode to find its location.
What’s more, you can even take a SELFIE with it!
Other features of Voyager include an ergonomic design that makes it a perfect fit, thumb-friendly vertical card slots that ensure that you can access them effortlessly, an in-built pen holder, notepad, passport slot, SIM card and SIM tool slot and space to keep your boarding pass.


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