Most trending video-making application, LIKE App, ranked one in Apple Store in India

 Most trending video-making application, LIKE App, ranked one in Apple Store in India

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LIKE App, a short video platform and mobile app with body recognition special effects, has been ranked number one on the Apple Store in India.  The same has been confirmed by App Annie that showcases LIKE on number one in Apple Store. This announcement comes in from the company’s recent ‘Shaping Magic’ feature which effortlessly modifies the shape and form of body features from head to toe. LIKE App has an active user base of more than 25 million users in India.

For LIKE, India is an important market and this entertaining application is gaining its popularity amongst the youth here. It is the first time a company has developed a body shaping feature globally. The augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) feature is an innovation in video application field offering a much more advanced feature for youth to experiment with.


The effect is entirely customisable by the end users because it enables users to adjust the degree to which their body outline/ parts are modified and also reshape individual body elements. In other words, the LIKE users can adjust their body silhouette individually. Hence, it helps in creating the perfect video by their own definition of beauty which they control.

Such video platform and special effects app with cutting-edge technology including AI, AR and independently innovated body recognition enhances users to create videos of their favourite heroic/ fiction characters comparable to movies.

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