Likee’s new neon light Magic stickers

 Likee’s new neon light Magic stickers

Team L&M

The short video creation platform, Likee, has launched a range of new stickers under its Magic function. By availing these light stickers, users can create magical dance videos with neon lights creating special effects. The stickers are gaining massive popularity across the country, and creators are making unique videos under the hashtag #Dancewithlight. The hashtag has already garnered more than 70 million views so far.
Magic stickers such as Rainbow Gemini, Vaporline 1, Vaporline 2, neon light beard, neon light butterfly and more stickers of similar nature are attracting users in more significant numbers. Many users are creating surreal videos by combining these stickers with recently launched Style filters that help users add a dramatic feel to their video background. Other notable stickers such as light beard allow users to grow a mystical neon light moustache and beard; Vaporline sticker enable users to create neon light-based body silhouette that follows all the body movements of the users a second later to create a wonderous impact. To avail these stickers, one can tag on ‘Magic’ and select ‘Latest’ section to explore all the new stickers. As a creator, one can use these stickers exclusively or combine it with other filters and features to bring out the best.


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