Likee’s new feature enables expressive video-making experience

 Likee’s new feature enables expressive video-making experience

Likee, the short video creation platform, recently launched a new feature under its ‘Filter’ section – Style. This addition will further allow creators to pick a video filter which complements a creator’s personality or the theme of the video as desired. By availing the new feature, Likee users can be more expressive, creative and magical.

To access the wide range of options under Style, users can tap on Filter option placed in the right section of the app screen and select Style. The screen will then present a variety of options to choose from, including Black & Gold, Purple Trend, CyberPunk, Wine, Bollywood, Sepia, B5 (black and white), bling, comic book and more. All the filters add a fun factor to users’ videos who can wrap their emotions, skills and expressions in their own Style.


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