Indore to become India’s first ‘Smart City’ with ‘Smart Addresses’

 Indore to become India’s first ‘Smart City’ with ‘Smart Addresses’

Rajat Jain, Co-founder, Pataa (Left) and Rishav Gupta, CEO, Indore Smart City (right)

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This year, Indore will create history by implementing a fully digital addressing system, making it the first city in India to do so. The smart city advanced significantly when a memorandum of understanding was signed with the firm Pataa Navigations. The Memorandum of Understanding is signed by Pataa Navigations Co-Founder Rajat Jain and Indore Smart City CEO Rishav Gupta (IAS).

Pataa has developed patented cutting-edge technology and is working with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to develop a digital addressing system for the nation, a significant step toward “Atmanirbhar Bharat’s” ultimate objective.

Pataa is a brief and distinctive code, comparable to KUMAR100, SINGH221, or other commonly used codes, that will help the user find the specific geo-tagged location. Users of the Pataa App can upload images of their homes, landmarks, etc. along with their addresses in the full text. Additionally, the user has the option to record voice instructions, which eliminates the need to repeat the address over the phone and makes it simpler for the guest to find the location. In the future, the user will be able to share a short code rather than sharing their lengthy and whole address with everybody, which is a huge benefit of anything like this.

According to reports, India is losing an estimated 75,000 crores annually as a result of its complicated addressing system.

This MoU states that the Pataa app will be used by all government agencies and emergency services, such as the police, fire department, and ambulance. For necessary services like E-KYC and banking geotagging, the Pataa app will be used. The Pataa app will be accessible to everyone at the business.

To provide access to Digital Addressing Systems, Pataa Navigation will integrate with government platforms like those for the departments of electricity, agriculture, excise, women and child welfare, and education. Pataa will also geotag MP Tourism’s all tourist destinations and integrate them with websites. All significant public assets, including bus stops, light poles, public restrooms, and bus stops, should have digital address numbers pasted on them.

The Pataa App, a free service, will help delivery providers find a specific geotagged location. The low fuel usage of Pataa will be a great help for e-commerce companies and their delivery partners as they complete the last leg of their journey. This app will also be essential for bringing down Indore’s pollution levels. The alliance seeks to raise the standard of living for those living in rural areas of India by making resources like loans, seeds, and technical support more accessible. Pataa will also be creating delivery drones.



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