Are our gods extra-terrestrial humans?

 Are our gods extra-terrestrial humans?

The Time Traveller

Talking about nuclear wars in the past, can anyone in a proper frame of mind believe that the prehistoric man had the ability to fight destructive wars? Was the prehistoric man a survivor of some advanced civilisation living in caves or did he really evolve from monkeys? These can be anyone’s guess!



Indian mythological literature, written over the course of several thousand years, contains fairly detailed references to and descriptions of non-human, “semi-divine” living beings of various visible and invisible realms who, in some cases, appear to be located in other dimensions of reality or in parallel universes. Accounts of space faring vehicles and weapons of war, capable of complete annihilation, indicated extensive use of destructive weapons by both humans and deities in an age which is as archeologically and historically inconceivable as it is frighteningly fascinating.

Mythological texts refer to the existence of divine and semi-divine entities capable of appearing and disappearing at will. In other words, literally tele-transporting (we first saw it in sci-fi thriller Star Trek) themselves from and to their own dimensional abode instantly. Perhaps, modern-day science fiction which can neither be confirmed nor denied. However, the appearance of the so-called unidentified flying objects surely forces us to scientifically analyse these observations.



Reports of the flying objects vanishing into thin air on being chased by Air Force jets lends credence to the fact that they are intelligently controlled. Many explanations have been given about the vanishing trick of these crafts. Our eyes are capable of recording the revolutions of any spinning object only up to a point where the eyes can transmit coherent messages to the brain, indicating the approximate speed of the revolving object. Now, if any object revolves at a speed which the human eye cannot register, the eye will be unable to transmit coherent messages to the brain.

In cases where the apparently stationary flying object suddenly starts to revolve at a speed which the human eye cannot comprehend, the said object will simply disappear from the visual periphery of the human eye. For example, when the human eye concentrates on the blades of a fan,  the spokes at first move clockwise and as the fan picks up speed, then suddenly appear to move anti-clockwise. In effect, the fan blades are not moving in the anti-clockwise direction at all. It is simply an optical illusion.



Can we attribute the appearance of these objects and the deities of Indian mythology to tele-transportation? The different lokas, like Chandra Loka and Gandharva Loka, to mention a few of ancient Indian mythology, are believably worlds inhabited by beings of a higher spiritual order. Semi-divine beings or gods perhaps. The vast repertoire of ancient wisdom classified during the days when knowledge was transmitted by word of mouth, encourages belief this wisdom was not just heresy but actual scientific fact and a part of the daily lives of the ancients.

While discussing the myths and legends of ancient India, one understands that the gods and supernatural beings belonged to a realm beyond our physical comprehension. Has anyone ever asked what was god doing before He made earth? The process of governing the universe appears to be highly complicated. Are the angels and lesser-gods working on delegated authority to keep things in order?

Coming to the next question. We need to figure out the size and shape of the demi-gods and angels who were given charge of teaching about life to those homo sapiens who spent their lives at the dawn of the world, living in caves and eating shrubs. Did the cave man suddenly chance upon community living and agricultural development? One fails to understand as to how a herd of men living in caves and killing animals for food, evolve into an orderly society on their own? How did life develop the way it did and what and who was instrumental in setting the pace by providing knowledge? Remember the Bible says that man was made in the image and likeness of god. Well then! Are our gods extra-terrestrial humans?


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