Apps for financial empowerment of women

 Apps for financial empowerment of women

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, women are taking charge of their families’ financial well-being, breaking traditional barriers, and embracing financial empowerment like never before. The advent of fintech has revolutionised the digital financial services sector, providing women with easy access to tools that can help them effectively manage finances,financial  invest wisely, and actively participate in various financial activities. Here are five empowering apps every woman should know about to embark on a journey towards financial freedom:

LazyPay: India’s Super-App
As a Credit Super-App, LazyPay offers a comprehensive suite of offerings, including Buy Now Pay Later, XpressLoans, Co-branded credit cards and Bill pay services, enriching users financial experiences across India. It provides 1-tap payment solutions at some of the leading ecommerce lifestyle merchants, food ordering and travel apps. With its extensive merchant network and credit instruments, LazyPay continues to empower women and thereby navigate their entrepreneurial journey seamlessly.

LXME: Tailored Financial Platform for Women
LXME, a financial platform tailored for women, has attracted many newcomers to investing. The platform encourages financial empowerment through online learning, planning tools, and independent investing. Offering a safe space for women to discuss various financial topics, LXME provides free membership to a strong community of women and aims to instil confidence and empowerment in managing women’s financial affairs.

Fisdom: Making Investing and Wealth Management Simple
Fisdom is a wealthtech platform that offers personalized investment solutions to individuals, aiming to simplify the process and make it accessible to everyone. Their mission is to democratize wealth management and provide quality investment advice and solutions to all, regardless of income or net worth. Fisdom with its academy also helps millions of Indians to learn about the financial market and stay updated.

Kite: Zerodha’s User-Friendly Trading Platform
Kite, a user-friendly trading platform by Zerodha, offers an integrated trading and reporting system with robust charting capabilities. Providing features like intuitive search and filters, rapid trading execution, smart filters, multiple market watch options, and advanced charts, Kite is designed for a seamless trading experience.

Getbasis: Bridging Knowledge and Trust Gaps for Women
Get Basis is dedicated to bridging knowledge and trust gaps for women in crucial financial decisions. Fueled by India’s first prepaid card exclusively for women, the platform prioritizes financial education and community-building, committed to providing resources and support for informed decision-making and financial independence.

These digital financial services apps empower women to take control of their finances, offering tools to save, invest, and plan. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or someone seeking financial knowledge, these apps cater to diverse needs, helping women pave the way for a brighter financial future. Celebrate this Women’s Day by embracing these apps and unlocking the path to financial empowerment.


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