Experience the real world in the times of Covid-19

 Experience the real world in the times of Covid-19

Ever wondered what would you do if you could be everywhere, anytime? Meet Proxgy, a first of its kind global service launched during the Corona Virus pandemic which enables its users to book a real-world human avatar anytime at every serviceable place, and navigate the physical world through that proxy avatar while sitting at home with an immersive experience in a live manner.

Formed with an energised motto, The New Normal is Here, Be Everywhere!, Proxgy aims to change the way people navigate through their daily outdoor tasks by hailing a Proxgy through the Proxgy user app which links the user to their Proxgy. Proxgy uses patent-pending technologies to provide live video and audio stream to users via a proprietary smart helmet which has a 360 degree rotatable camera mounted on top. The camera access is controlled by the user via a multidirectional joystick control within the Proxgy user app, giving users a real-time immersive experience of the Proxgy’s surrounding

Once a Proxgy accepts a user’s booking, the user is linked in an instantaneous ride-hailing manner to his or her Proxgy via two-way audio, one-way video. The user can then see and listen live to what their Proxgy is seeing and hearing in the place of Proxgy’s service, while the user sits at home and asks their Proxgy to perform the tasks of his choosing via audio commands relayed to the Proxgy through the Proxgy’s service app.


Proxgy aims to provide consumers an experience of what it feels like to navigate the real-world like a video game in a first-person view through a 360-degree camera controlled option. This is achieved by providing the user with a responsive joystick controller on their Proxgy app while an actual human proxy responds in real-time to their audio commands and inputs.

Users have an option to receive the live feeds from Proxgy’s helmet on their app and view it on their phone screen, though a VR device, or cast the feed to some bigger screens for even more immersive virtual travel and live shopping experience.

Ideated and conceptualised by serial entrepreneur, inventor and owner of multiple patents and author of two books including the financial bestseller, Googled by God, Pulkit Ahuja, the Proxgy core team consists of a myriad of industry stalwarts from data science, hardware, car rental, travel, marketing, and retail domains.

Users can request early access by visiting www.proxgy.com or downloading the Proxgy android app from Google Playstore and signing up for an exclusive invitation.



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