NATIONAL SATRTUP DAY 2023 B2B commerce startups disrupting the ecosystem

 NATIONAL SATRTUP DAY 2023 B2B commerce startups disrupting the ecosystem

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As we enter 2023, we move forward with growing startups in each sector, B2B commerce being one of them. Enterprises and small businesses are acquainted with various portals today that offer them a variety of services and products, making it no surprise that the industry is growing. Over the last few years, India has witnessed a growth trajectory as the technology has taken up speed as well.
Started in 2022, the National Startup Day is a great move with the Prime Minister of India to encourage startups and bring out their potential. Here are 4 B2B commerce startups that are growing year on year and disrupting the startup ecosystem.

ShakeDeal, a 2016 startup, is a technology-focused B2B commerce and supply chain platform that has partnered with over 200 major companies, including Flipkart, Nayara Energy, Siemens, and Indian MNCs like Vedanta Group, Adani Group, and Tata Group. Majorly catering to the manufacturing sector, ShakeDeal is a specialist aggregator that specializes in procurement and supply chain solutions. ShakeDeal comes with a large inventory and technology solutions for brands and helps them reduce their costs by 5-8% and rationalizes the vendor base by 60-80 per cent.

Providing personaliSed B2B contact databases for lead generation campaigns, EaseLeadz builds an ideal target audience and specializes in consultation and strategy building for companies. The brand eases and connects professionals in an efficient manner and essentially helps companies get in touch with their potential customers. With their EasyProspect product, they specifically cater to SMEs and MSMEs and help them organize their market.

Lusha is the destination for people wanting to connect with B2B companies and salespeople. With a massive network of over 670,000 sales staff and 223,000 sales businesses, Lusha provides an extensive database of B2B contacts with automated data enrichment solutions that streamlines processes and enrich data behind-the-scenes.

A software designed to automate the lead generation process, Leadzen is a B2B company that is also a data enrichment tool. The brand provides contacts for prospects and MSMEs as well as helps in providing real-time data to customers. Furthermore, Leadzen also provides the flexibility to set one’s own features and hence enhance experience.


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