Know the Indian brands that are reinventing supply chains for profitability

 Know the Indian brands that are reinventing supply chains for profitability

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In the pre-pandemic days, the supply chain sector required more human support, however over the last two years, like all other industries, supply chains too adopted technology at a vibrant level boosting their overall operations and resulting in more profitability. The supply chain industry comes with high expenditures, making it a costly industry, however moving forward with tech-enability and strategic business has made this industry profitable. Indian startups are no less in providing enhanced services and increasing profitability and mentioned below are four such brands:

A supply chain and B2B commerce platform, ShakeDeal works towards streamlining the indirect procurement process. The brand utilizes multiple technologies to enhance their operations like automation, having a robust data management system, using AI and ML and multiple tech-tools that not only amplifies the internal processes but also strengthens the brand for their users and customers. ShakeDeal’s automation has made it powerful in the industry and profitable when working in the supply chain as it continues to offer cost effective services.

A B2B, B2C, Cross-border, and 3PL Logistics Supply Chain Startup, Xpressbees provides quick and convenient delivery services, and uses technology to fill all the required gaps, enhance communication and tracking and provide convenient delivery service. Providing these services, the brand has expanded itself and landed with profitability in the logistics space, making delivery of goods convenient with a well-connected network.

Providing services to D2C companies and SMEs, Edgistify is a warehousing operations and fulfillment network. With the help of technology, the brand powers its inventory management, delivery, route optimization, live tracking and multiple tech-enabled solutions to its customers. Driving in all aspects of logistics, the company is providing profitable features which are allowing customers to rely and participate in the industry.

Ekart is a supply chain and logistics company that has powered itself by implementing automation and robotics technology to deliver which allows robotic picking of goods, vision based quality checkers, IoT based tracking and many other advanced technologies, making it tech-reliable and an advanced player. Focusing on improving the logistics and e-commerce sector, Ekart’s services have fueled the industry’s potential and are making it profitable.




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