TOP 5 Speed dating apps to find your perfect match

 TOP 5 Speed dating apps to find your perfect match

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In this age of faster connectivity, it’s all about living our lives online. Things have become easy to conduct over the internet. Professional life is now in the cloud. And now the personal space has gone online. It includes the world of dating that has exploded with thousands of options to meet people. Apart from the usual social media options, you now have the option of dating apps. These have now become speed dating apps that allow romance seekers to avail themselves of the chance to meet someone special. Here are the five best speed dating apps that should be on the smartphones of romance seekers.

Trust is the middle name of Not So Arrange (NSA). This online dating app is just apt for serious relationship seekers. However, NSA differs from other dating apps with its focus on a user applying for membership. The user then undergoes a complete screening process. It is only then the user gets a stamp of approval and is selected. NSA is not into swiping, encroaching DMs and other such nonsense. The plus point is its Compatibility Quiz which allows the user to connect with people of similar disposition much better. If both users wish to meet, the NSA Relationship Manager comes into the picture and handles their meeting. Talk about meeting the love interest in the right way!

One can call Tinder the big player in the online speed dating market. Its popularity skyrocketed like anything. This app connects couples by matching their preferences, from age to hobbies. If someone matches, the user is notified depending on the age group, gender and location nearness. The user also gets notified about any friends in common. Most users are devoted to the swiping option. If you like someone, you swipe right to match or go left to move on. Tinder is now a well-known byword for online dating found on most smartphones.

The very popular Hinge also works like most other dating apps. The user gets to like or decline a match that has appeared on the feed. What’s unique about the features are options like ‘Prompts’ and ‘Short Questions’. Users can also opt for voice records which make their profile look different and add a touch of humour. Then there are the ‘Standouts’. It is a list of those compatible with the user. The door with the perfect hinge opens the world of romance in your life.

Bumble is another shining star in the world of dating apps. This location-based app lets users opt for the right or left swipe option. It is what makes this app tad different from the countless option. Users get a chance to connect with genuine matches from different walks of life. The best aspect about this app is that it is the first dating app to combine dating, finding a friend and career rise in just one app. Bumble is the right dating option for those who do not want to bumble their way in life.

Ok Cupid is where correct technology truly meets dating options. It is this app in which a deliberate algorithm provides questions to get the perfect matches. This mobile dating app calls it different from the other apps as it uses a pre-computed compatibility score. The user has options of answering their selected questions. At Ok Cupid, computers play computerised matchmaker to the hilt.



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