Are you a bookstagrammer yet?

 Are you a bookstagrammer yet?

Garima Batra

Instagram has helped many of us curate content and promote our businesses or brands effectively. It has also helped influencers and bloggers to elevate their promotions and brand entities. Now, another interesting niche created by Instagram is gradually getting popular. Known as the Bookstagram community, it is fast catching the savvy of Indians now though it has been around for a while in the West.

A platform for people to showcase their love for books and also post creative pictures of their collection, Bookstagram is no less than heaven in paradise for the bibliophiles out there. People are utilising the platform creatively by using various templates, quirky GIFs, posting both short and long reviews and fascinating photos of books.



Bookstagram gives you the creative liberty to post what you wish to. You could use it as an online journal, a digital book review platform, a book blogging space or even just to share your reading habits, your current read details, or even post pictures of books by creating and posting aesthetic snaps!

The platform is also being utilised to post new launches and to persuade people to read. Once the Covid-19 era ends, it may just help increase footfall of bookstores. The bookstagramming community has put social media and this platform to best use to instill reading habit among people. Being a quick and short way to interact with the audiences, it is a treat for the eyes in a literal sense, not only for the book lovers but also for the non-readers. Bookstagrammers’ innovative and alluring posts can easily persuade the non-reading population to give a shot at reading books too. This digital literary world is no less than a virtual book club or library for the like-minded to connect, discuss and engage.

To be a successful Bookstagrammer, you need time, patience and efforts to curate content, increase engagement and connect with the target audience.



A few quick tips to help you
  1. Choose a name that suits the best. It should be relatable with you and the type of content which you plan to post.
  2. Research and plan content for at least the first two-three weeks in advance.
  3. Post content consistently. Also, ensure there is consistency in your content — the theme, the tone, the aesthetics and the quality of every post should be on the same lines.
  4. Your content represents you. Hence, be yourself!
  5. Be creative. Use props, different backgrounds, lighting, etc. Do experiment while keeping the theme in mind.
  6. Post good and bright pictures.
  7. Engage with your audience by posting regularly.
  8. Use the right hashtags.
  9. Engage with other fellow bookstagrammers.
  10. Have uniqueness in content like organise fun challenges, giveaways, fun facts, etc.

Keep the above points in mind, plan accordingly and create that magnificent account. We are sure you will fall in love with the community once you will be a part of it!


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