Anti-bacterial switches from Honeywell

 Anti-bacterial switches from Honeywell

Team L&M

Honeywell introduces Honeywell Blenze Plus Switches, the first ever antibacterial flat switch in India with “Bacti-safe” technology. These switches are completely flush with the front plate in ‘off’ condition making them appear flat on the wall. They have a shroudless rocker with positive action. The range is future proofed 10AX and is IP 20 rated, making it truly a next generation switch range.

The active ingredients, silver ions, used in the Honeywell Blenze plus products are incorporated in these switches during the manufacturing process and remain active for the entire life of the product. Anti-microbial coating impregnated with silver ions inhibits microbial growth to improve hygiene. It inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi like e.coli, staphylococcous aureus, listeria and salmonella.


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