A “jini” to solve your online streaming problems

 A “jini” to solve your online streaming problems

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To help people find what to watch, where to watch and whether to watch or not on various streaming platforms, Flixjini has launched its services in India. The aggregator provides information on streaming content from sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and 25-plus other legal streaming providers.

A user may persistently find it difficult to determine the right content to watch or is not sure where they can watch a specific movie or show. As a result, he/ she may end up going to each platform to search for the same which is again a cumbersome task. For this purpose, Flixjini has built discovery tools including Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven content classification and recommendation systems to suggest content personalised to the user’s taste. It has powerful search features to help drill down into something fascinating.

The online aggregator collects multiple data points – reviews and ratings of movies or shows with information like average review ratings, how many awards it has bagged, how it did in the box office and so on – to help users decide if something is worthy of their disposition and time. Flixjini then links to the streaming service so you can begin watching that content.

“Flixjini is the trip advisor for entertainment, a true streaming advisor for your watching needs. Especially now that you are advised to spend more time at home, our advanced AI driven recommendation engine will help users spend more time watching on the right platform than browsing across platforms. The recommendation engine gets better with your continuous interaction. You need to be on it to experience it,” shares Flixjini co-founder Jigar Doshi.

“With Flixjini, a user never misses a movie. If a user discovers a good movie or tv show to watch or missed a movie in the theatre, user adds it to our unified queue. We notify the user whenever it is available on any platform to watch,” adds Flixjini co-founder Ankit Chhajer.

According to an analysis done by Flixjini, each streaming platform has on average 2000+ movies and 500+ TV shows. Across all platforms, there are 50,000+ movies and 12000+ TV shows or 20,000+ seasons and 600,000+ episodes, to choose from. A TV show can have different seasons on different OTT platforms. Across streaming services, users have a good selection but are lost in the complexity to choose the right content. Flixjini comes to the rescue. Flixjini works its magic and helps you get through the maze. Its advanced AI-driven recommendation engine suggests movies/shows that are right for each user’s taste. It suggests where a specific show/movie is playing for free, available on rental or on subscription. A study shows that users spend more than 21 minutes browsing for a movie before watching. Flixjini can help users spend more time watching than browsing. Instead of going to each app and discovering what content to watch, Flixjini aggregates all content in one place thus making it the first step on the streaming journey. Flixjini also provides information about movies and shows like ratings and reviews which are not always available on the streaming apps, thus providing a richer discovery experience for users. Also, it helps streaming providers get new users, get paying subscribers and expose more of their content library to users.

Available on web — www.flixjini.in and on an app, Android and iPhone as native apps and will soon be available on TVs via apps on streaming sticks like Android TV and FireTV.



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