Vanaprastha is India’s first & only rental space for seniors, says Angad Bedi

 Vanaprastha is India’s first & only rental space for seniors, says Angad Bedi

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Born and raised in Delhi, Angad Bedi is the third generation businessman. He didn’t begin his professional life as a businessman, though. “After completing my CA course, I started working with PwC and later moved to KPMG. But I always had this strong passion for real estate, which guided my career trajectory, making join my family-owned a construction company,” he says. That was 17 years back. Today, as a Managing Director of the BCD Group, Bedi offers leadership direction to the business, contributing to its growth and success in the dynamic real estate industry. In an interview with Life& More, he tells us more about his business and life.

How and when did you think of joining the family business, BCD Construction Company? Whose idea, was it?
The idea was purely mine since I was always interested in the real estate industry and was fascinated the way it works. After completing my CA course, I decided to be a part of BCD and its business and eventually moved my base to Bengaluru.
I had my share of challenges but it has been a roller-coaster ride. On the upside, we pioneered the senior rental model and will soon be launching quality student housing. With these we expanded our footprints in almost all the prominent Tier-II markets. Overall, we managed to create a strong network and spread our wings across markets like Dubai, Bahrain & Vietnam.  We also floated a fund with Nisus – a Sebi regulated fund aimed at reviving distressed assets. Apart from these, we are going to launch an ultra-luxury project near the Bengaluru airport, known as Jasmine.

What changes/ innovations did you bring in the business, which you are proud of?
Some of the innovations would definitely be our pioneering concepts of redefining construction practices and offering quality student housing. We have aptly leveraged the company’s expertise and experience in real estate service offerings. With BCD Vanaprastha, the group offered India’s first and only rental accommodation for seniors. The Group has also successfully created an extensive network across four countries, including India, and also has a tie-up with a German company to revolutionise the Indian construction industry.

Please share details about your turnkey projects in various Indian cities. And more details about Vanaprastha, India’s first rental Senior community living experience.
Nestled in the burgeoning residential area of Hoskote in Bengaluru, Vanaprastha is a sprawling nine-acre township featuring nearly 300 units, each offering affordable pricing without compromising on the scale of amenities. The project boasts state-of-the-art facilities such as recreational centers, yoga/meditation rooms, fitness centers, and 24/7 medical services. Its strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to commercial, industrial, educational, and transit hubs. Vanaprastha is not only ISO certified but also holds the AAA platinum excellence building rating, showcasing its commitment to sustainable design. The township incorporates eco-friendly features like solar-equipped water heaters and lights, ample green cover, well-ventilated living spaces, rainwater treatment plants, and minimal disruption to the natural topography. BCD is set to elevate the project further by introducing highly personalized healthcare services within the community. With an investment of nearly Rs 200 crore (USD 24 Million), BCD Group is extending this innovative concept to projects in Chennai and Delhi NCR, aiming to redefine senior living nationwide.

Please share info about a few of your notable construction projects.
Our wide portfolio of developments ranges across exquisite living, Grade A corporate assets and bespoke houses for experiencing a new level of luxury. Whether it’s a flagship Tech Park Project or ultra-luxury living experiences, from residential townships to industrial parks and roadways and bridges, we have covered almost everything under the sun. A few notable projects include an oil refinery, an IT park in Chennai, the Delta Electronics project, construction works that are underway in NCR, projects for Koncept, Maia Group, Century and Ozone in addition to BCD’s own award-winning affordable and senior living project Emprasa.

Considering it’s a family business, how do you manage differences of opinion with family members who are working in the company?
Initially, it started out as a family business but when I assumed a role company was almost defunct owing to certain reasons. Today, the company is managed by me and my wife, Jasna Bedi who is also serving as a Director at BCD Group.

How do you divide time between work and family?
Given the nature of my work and business, it is definitely challenging to divide time between work, travels and spending quality time with my family. But I strive to do justice to every aspect and consider each piece equally important to complete the puzzle that we call life. To unwind and manage my stress I indulge in my hobbies. And, the weekends are reserved exclusively for my wife and kids. Balancing professional life with personal certainly enriches life and contributes to both my personal growth as well as the success of BCD Group.

What are your other interests and hobbies?
Beyond my responsibilities as the Managing Director of BCD Group, my life is enriched by many passions and hobbies. An enthusiastic golfer, I find solace on the greens, honing not only my skills but also relishing the game. My love for the equestrian sports has driven me to becoming a national-level horse rider teaching me both discipline as well as empathy.  I also enjoy watching movies, travelling, exploring new cultures and cuisines. I have been a married man for 12 years now and I cherish my roles as both a father and a husband.

What are your future projects?
BCD Group has achieved significant global expansion, particularly in the Middle East, with a strong presence in Bahrain and notable contract acquisitions in Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ambitious plans to develop close to 9 million square feet across India, with a focus on our residential panel, BCD Royal, and our flagship project, BCD Jasmine. Designed to international standards by renowned architects, BCD Jasmine is poised to redefine the real estate landscape by offering luxury properties at affordable prices, setting a new standard in the Indian market. We are also in the process of launching an innovative education campus that will cater to and host students from around the world. This will be a testament to BCD Group’s commitment to shaping the future of education as well as housing in India.

Where do you see yourself as a businessman, say, 10 years from now?
I would definitely want to diversify and get into different industries. We are extremely bullish on the funds that we are floating and I think it will create a strong roadmap for the future. In next ten years I envision BCD as one of the top most real estate companies, not just in the country but also overseas.


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