Bengaluru beats Mumbai & Delhi in pet care, 55% spend over 3000 a month on pets

 Bengaluru beats Mumbai & Delhi in pet care, 55% spend over 3000 a month on pets

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55 per cent Bangaloreans spent a monthly average of Rs 3000 and more on petcare. The figure for Mumbai is 52 per cent. In Delhi 40 per cent, pet owners spent anywhere between Rs 1500-3000 monthly.
Post-pandemic, pet parenting adoption is seen highest among GenZ (48 per cent ) followed by Millennials (44 per cent)
47 per cent in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities spend between Rs 1500-3000 per month on pet care.

These are the findings of a new survey by, a full-stack tech-enabled pet care startup, conducted with 500+ Indians with pets. The survey report titled Pawrents reveals interesting challenges, trends and expectations from the pet care industry. The statistics reveals pandemic-induced loneliness gave birth to first-time and new-age pet parents among GenZ and Millennials, other catalysts being rapid urbanisation, nuclear family setups, and pet humanisation.

With increasing disposable incomes and a willingness to offer a healthy environment and the best nutrition to their fur-babies, pawrents have started spending more on pet care offerings.

The data also revealed that Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in the country inched closer to the spending capacity of metro pawrents. More than 39 per cent of pet parents in metropolitan cities in India spend over Rs 3000 every month on their pets. On the other hand, nearly 47 per cent of pet parents in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities spend between Rs 1500-3000 per month on their pets

As new-age or first-time pawrents, pet-parenting journey can seem daunting. In such cases, digitally-savvy pawrents look for information online and are completely dependent on their local vets. However, 93 per cent Gen-Z believe there isn’t enough credible information available online to take care of their fur-babies. In fact, 72 per cent Gen-Z pawrents believe that online vet consultations should be made available for easier access.

In Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, 73 per cent pawrents face challenges accessing veterinary services online. However, the biggest need-gap that a whopping 67 per cent feel the pet care industry lacks is access to emergency consultations.

Says CEO and Co-Founder Vineet Khanna, “India’s pet-parenting community is majorly driven by first-time pawrents who envision a rewarding experience when they start out but unfortunately face challenges because of a lack of the right resources. At the core of, lies a passion to empower these pawrents. The survey is a step forward in that direction and helps us decode the challenges of first-time pawrents and cater to their evolving needs. We are excited to see how these shifting trends will impact the Indian pet care industry which has a potential to grow to $5 Bn by 2030.”

The data also revealed that 50 per cent of GenZ pawrents prefer shopping online for food and toys for their fur-babies.


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