TOP 5 Amazing benefits of sunflower seeds

 TOP 5 Amazing benefits of sunflower seeds

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Sunflowers seeds. We all like to munch on them, they are so tasty, after all. But have you ever wondered that apart from satisfying our taste buds these seeds are also great for our physical and mental health? Well, those of you who are not aware about it, have a quick look at what sunflower seeds do to us:

Aids  in digestion
Because of its high dietary fiber content, the sunflower seeds are good for digestion and also helps you in getting rid of constipation problem.

Good for skin and hair
Being a rich source of vitamin E, sunflower seeds are good for skin. It also protects the skin from oxidative cell damage and promotes a healthy skin growth. Being rich in copper it prevents premature graying of hair. 

Lowers cholesterol
Regular consumption of sunflowers seeds helps in lowering the cholesterol level in your body. The seeds contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which lowers cholesterol.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Sunflowers seeds are a great source of vitamin C and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases like heart attack or stroke.

Fights cancer 
Sunflower seeds contain selenium which protects against cancers of skin, bladder, colon, and prostate. The vitamin E (tocopherol) present in these seeds neutralizes cancer-causing free radicals and prevents them from damaging brain cells, cell membranes, and cholesterol.


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