TOP 5 Ways gardening improves your quality of life

 TOP 5 Ways gardening improves your quality of life

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With rising population and shrinking home spaces, most people these days go in for having small gardens in their balconies and on terraces. It is not surprising, though. Gardening has a number of benefits. Research by the Universities of Westminster and Essex suggest that just 30 minutes a week spent tending to plants can boost feelings of both self-esteem and mood by dissolving tension, depression, anger, and confusion. In fact, in UK, the National Health Scheme has called upon doctors to prescribe patients with gardening.

It has a variety of health benefits
Gardening reduces depression, loneliness and anxiety. Tending to plants is a great stress-buster. And this I’m saying from experience. Whenever I am under tension, I just head out to my garden. And if my plants do not need anything specific to be done to them, I just begin removing the dried leaves, pull the weeds out and do a little digging. Believe me it relaxes me a lot and takes my mind off the problem I am facing. And after some time, when I think again, I get a better solution for the issue at hand.
It can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions.

It strengthens your body physically
Tending to plants, digging, planting, and weeding all require moving around. It is any day better than sitting on couch and watching TV. Working in garden is an excellent way to get all-round exercise for improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Moreover, when you are physically tired, you will sleep better.

It helps you save money
Each one of can easily grow small plants in the pots, however small the house premises is. These include mint coriander, tomatoes, green chillies, lady finger and brinjal. Growing these veggies on your own helps you cut back not just on the monthly budget but also reduces your carbon footprint. Furthermore, eating fresh veggies also keeps you healthy.

It helps educate your kids and strenghthens your bond with them
You can educate your children about the importance of plants in our life through gardening. When they tend to plants, they will value them more. Also, it gives you more time to bond with them.

Gardening helps you to make more friends
Believe me, I have made many friends in my neighbourhood just through my plants. When people walk past my lawn, they invariably stop to have a look and ask me a thing or two about the plants I have. I do the same with others. The acquaintance that begins with chatting over plants has ended up in forging good friendships.


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