Your search for unique, innovative online gifts ends here

 Your search for unique, innovative online gifts ends here is the place to be for the most interesting ones

Saurabh Tankha

Birthdays are times for celebrations but the real challenge comes when you need to buy a gift, especially for a loved one. And if the special loved one is your dearest daughter, it can be tricky and tough. There are a lot of likes and dislikes that one needs to take into consideration. Then come questions — What to buy? Where to buy? Will she like? Will she not? Clothes or jewellery? Phone or iPad? Do I tag her along while going out to buy a gift or do I surprise her with one? Phew! Difficult ones to answer, all these.

Hey, wait! There’s more in this year of Covid-19. Where does one go to buy a gift? Coronavirus has aggravated the recurring annual problem in 2020. And even though the world has started getting back on track slowly and steadily, some people like me are still sceptical to venture out. While I was contemplating on what to do and where to buy a gift, my elder daughter came to my rescue – “There are a few nice gifting sites. Find one, order and it will be home-delivered,” she advised.



An hour of surfing bore no results as I couldn’t find a gift which was unique and innovative. Just as I was about to end my quest and log out, a godsend message popped up from nowhere – Looking for unique gift ideas for your loved ones? Choose from over 400 creative gift options for all occasions and for every relationship. Made with love by OyeHappy. Visit

Tired I was but still gave this one a hit and in less than 15 minutes, I had selected my gift, Clip A Pic, uploaded a dozen photographs as was required in this product and made the payments. It was, in fact, easier than ordering a cake. Once done, I received a message stating the gift shall be delivered a day before my angel’s birthday which it did. And my daughter simply loved it – photographs from her birth to present day, clipped on to threads inside a beautiful wooden box. What’s more! It wasn’t expensive either, especially when one didn’t have to go out hunting for a gift.



I strongly advise you to visit and experience this easy-to-understand as well as navigate portal if you are looking for a unique and innovative gift for your loved one. But remember to do so a few days in advance as it takes between five to eight days for to deliver your chosen gift after personalisation.

In case, you decide on ordering from the website a bit late, no worries. You can choose a virtual gift from here and it will be delivered on time, in time. Most importantly, the prices at do not burn a hole in your pocket.



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