Consumers shun generic, mass-produced furnishings for their homes, offices

 Consumers shun generic, mass-produced furnishings for their homes, offices

White Domus Founders, Nitush & Aroosh Mahipal

Upasana Kaura

Growing up in a family involved in manufacturing of stainless steel for industrial purposes, brothers Aroosh and Nitush Mahipal got a deep understanding of the material and its properties from an early stage.
Captivated by the stainless steel, they would spend countless hours at the factory creating their own toys. This fascination led to the birth of White Domus, in 2016.
“But the preparation had begun a year earlier,” says Nitush, 32, the elder of the two, who was around 25 then, an age when most people get this itch to do something new, something exceptional. “We began experimenting with various techniques at our family factory, and discovered the infinite ways we could make piece of art using stainless steel. We then collaborated with other brands, artists, and makers, which not only helped us improve upon our skills but also gave us the much-needed exposure,” he adds.
“A year later we launched a line of sculptural wall art installations. In 2018, we built our own machine, a significant milestone for us as it enabled us to bring their unique ideas to fruition. Work was moving ahead smoothly when Covid happened. Though this was a huge dampener, the lockdown time gave us time to introspect on what exactly we wanted to create,” says Aroosh, 31.
The brothers used the time to expand their artistic skills, and in 2021 when the world was limping back to normalcy, took part in Marbella Art Fair, Spain (November 2021). Enthused by the response they got, they showcased their creations at two more exhibitions in Spain in 2022, firmly planting their feet in the business. Early this year, they held their first solo exhibition at a leading art gallery in Madrid, Spain. Excerpts from an interview with with Life & More:

What are the main challenges of working with stainless steel?
: Stainless steel is a hard and strong material that can be difficult to manipulate and shape, making the process of welding and finishing time-consuming and expensive. As with other materials, handling stainless steel requires practice and patience. There is a lot of trial & error happening, and experimentation done. But the end results are beautiful.

Are Indians really aware of interior designing, and call for interior designers to do up their homes/ offices?
Yes. In recent years, the interior design industry in India has experienced a surge in popularity. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including the expansion of the real estate sector, the evolution of consumer preferences and lifestyles, and rising incomes that encourage people to invest in their homes and workplaces. Even the Covid19 pandemic contributed to the industry’s growth as it emphasised the importance of creating comfortable and functional living spaces. With more people spending time at home, there has been an increase in demand for interior design services to redesign homes to better suit individual needs. The rise of remote work and online business led to an increase in demand for well-designed home offices and workspaces.


How do you compare Home Vs Office interiors?
Aroosh: One of the main differences between home and office interiors is the level of self-expression that is typically allowed or encouraged. In a home setting, people often have more freedom to express their personal style and tastes through their interior design choices. Home interiors can be highly personalised and reflect the unique interests, preferences, and lifestyles of the people who live there. An office setting has less emphasis on individual expression, and more focus on creating a professional, functional, and efficient workspace.
Nitush: Another key difference between home and office interiors is the level of simplicity and functionality that is often prioritised in office spaces. While homes can be highly decorative and include a wide range of design elements, office interiors are more streamlined, minimalistic, and focused on functionality.
But, of late there has been a growing trend towards incorporating elements of self-expression, particularly in relation to the branding and values of the company in office spaces. Many companies now recognise the importance of creating a visually-appealing and inspiring workplace, as it benefits employees as well as leaves a positive impact on clients and visitors.

white domus
Tronco Coffee Table

What exactly is Sculptural Furniture? How much is the demand for it?
Aroosh: Sculptural furniture is a unique form of furniture that serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. While traditional furniture is designed purely for functionality, sculptural furniture adds an element of art to the space and allows you to physically interact with it. One of the most striking aspects of sculptural furniture is its ability to make a statement and instantly elevate the entire look of a room.
Also, with more and more Indians travelling to the West, the demand for Sculptural Furniture is rising, especially in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.

How is Sculptural Furniture impacting interior design? Which piece is most in demand?
Nitush: Sculptural Furniture is transforming the trends in interior design by providing a refreshing and unique alternative to the cookie-cutter designs that have dominated for so long. With its abstract shapes and unusual references, sculptural furniture creates a one-of-a-kind, statement piece that truly stands out. Whether it’s a statement chair or a coffee table, sculptural furniture can transform the look and feel of interior design.
One type of sculptural furniture that has been particularly popular in recent years is the Sculptural Bar. This is because the bar area is often the focal point of a room where people entertain guests, and having a sculptural bar adds a touch of sophistication and style to the space.\

Coffee Table

What about curved furniture? Why is it a popular trend today?
Aroosh: Curved Furniture has become a popular trend in interior design today due to its ability to add a touch of softness and fluidity to any space. With their smooth lines and organic shapes, curved furniture pieces can create a more free-flowing and relaxed atmosphere in a room. The curvatures in these designs also add a sculptural element to the piece and the surrounding space, making it a visually striking addition to any decor.

white domus

What kind of growth do you visualise in the industry in the next five years.
Nitush: Significant, mainly because people are increasingly becoming aware about the benefits of good design, and have become more sophisticated and selective in their choice. They are no longer satisfied with generic, mass-produced furnishings and look for unique, personalised design solutions. Consumers today seek designers who can offer bespoke design solutions that cater to their individual needs and tastes.

Please share a major do and don’t regarding interior design at home.
Aroosh: Do – Add elements that are more maintenance free.
Don’t – Follow the latest trends but see what suits your personal needs and taste.


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