Urban Ladder uses agricultural waste to create new furniture range ‘Karya’

 Urban Ladder uses agricultural waste to create new furniture range ‘Karya’

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, furniture brand Urban Ladder has unveiled its sustainable range of furniture — Karya. The new range stands out for its innovative use of biodegradable and non-toxic materials to create an eco-friendly board. This means that Karya is fashioned from agricultural residues like wheat or reed straw that would’ve otherwise been burnt. Through these thoughtful choices, the brand’s new collection effortlessly combines style and functionality, contributing to a more eco-conscious future.
Embracing biophilic designs, Karya takes inspiration from the gentle contours of a grain of wheat. Clean lines and tasteful form elevate these curves, while natural cane detailing lends a light, airy touch.

The range includes products like a Queen & King Size storage bed, a three-drawer chest, a bedside table, and a 2-door wardrobe, adding a sense of elegance to your humble abode.

As per the latest American Express Trendex report, Indians are getting serious about leaving a positive impact on the planet. While 97% of consumers are of the view that all products should be environment-friendly, 96% think about the impact on the planet when making purchase decisions.

Commenting on the launch, Maya Mathew, Head of Design, at Urban Ladder, said, “Karya is our first sustainable product range, and it now stands as a milestone in our aim to use and create eco-friendly materials and furniture products. It is made of materials which have minimal negative impact on the environment. I am sure it will appeal to a diverse range of customers while imparting a sense of sustainability, comfort, and elegance.”

In line with their commitment to reducing plastic usage, Urban Ladder has implemented paper-based packaging for their latest collection. This sustainable packaging includes eco-friendly five-ply boxes, craft paper, and fillers made of honeycomb paper.


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