Amp up your home with ethereal Tribal Masks from Sicis

 Amp up your home with ethereal Tribal Masks from Sicis

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Interior design firm SICIS has launched Tribal Masks for contemporary modern aesthetic looks. These are available at Tessera India.

In African culture, the tribal mask is regarded as a bridge to the hereafter, a vehicle for merging distant cultures, blending traditions, materials and techniques of different natures, rich in colours and with an indescribable evocative power.

West African masks are some of the most varied; you’ll find them made of wood, copper, bronze, fabric, and more. Motifs used in West African masks include animals, ancestors, and feminine beauty. Ghana, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo are most famous for decorative masks that are used for religious and spiritual purposes.

tribal masks
Esosa Tribal Mask

These big tribal inspired masks act like elements that complete the environments and can catch the attention of anyone who draws their gaze on them. They are objects that give personality and flexibility to spaces. The masks are beautifully curated in colours that are both vibrant and that can make your walls stand out. A mix of materials, colours and shapes – hues of gold, yellow, and red, make them a visual treat.

The masks are designed using a variety of materials – Wood, mosaic tesserae, and Vetrite inserts. They are equipped with a lighting system that is activated through a touch sensor located on the lower edge.

Masks have long been used as home décor items. These bring depth and texture to a wall, and complement the rest of the room. Sometimes, these are used to highlight the rich history, religious traditions, and artistic spirit of a certain place and people.

tribal masks
Osamede Tribal Mask

While you are decorating your home, choose authentic styles that are made in the traditional manner. Also, make sure that the mask is hand-crafted and not mass-produced- mass produced ones don’t support the artisans who have dedicated their lives to maintaining this ancient art form.

Let’s take a look at the regions that make some of the most exceptional and sought-after art masks.


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