The Lamp Show begins on Oct 21

 The Lamp Show begins on Oct 21

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Are you looking for exclusively designed handmade products like Terracotta lamps, hand poured candles and paper items? Head for Malviya Nagar. This is where the Banerii is launching its first concept show of all things hand-made.

Aptly called The Lamp Show as it is being held for the Diwali, the show begins on Oct 21 and will remain on till Oct 29, the choti diwali day.

The products range from handmade and hand painted terracotta lamps, terracotta table coasters, miniature terracotta art objects to paper products such tags, cards, book marks, papermachie lamps as well as hand -poured candles and incense sticks procured from artisans. Plus there will be some studio pottery items, calligraphic murals and stain glass items as well.


These products offer a great relief in today’s digital age thanks to the uniqueness they offer. There is no chaos of identical reproductions done through computers that has flooded the market these days, which get often boring and dull.

Each hand-crafted product is one of its kind, enveloped in love of the hands it has passed through. When you buy these you not only gift yourself a great piece d art but also support the artisans behind these.

Each of these traditional pieces of art draws its inspiration from nature, Indian mythology and celebration of shared culture and history of our people. A true reflection on the ways of living in India, these art pieces from Banerii rouse the classic rural Indian essence that celebrates ethnic India.


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