Superior hygiene with VitrA Fresh

 Superior hygiene with VitrA Fresh

Keeping toilets clean is very important.  If the toilets are not clean, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful germs. These germs spread diseases and can come inside the house and cause viruses.  Further, the foul smell for the toilets is suffocating. It isn’t great for health either. Cleaning is very effective in killing viruses, which can survive on hard surfaces, VitrA Fresh helps make cleaning much easier. A toilet can be absolutely challenging to get to a sparkling level, but VitrA Fresh toilet provides superior hygiene and sanitation with every flush.

Household chores often become tiring and a clean toilet although most important on the ‘to do’ list is often looked at last. A solution for this is the VitrA Fresh, experience a new level of freshness and make your life easier! It leaves you with more time to enjoy life rather than clean. We all understand the importance of maintaining a toilet, hygiene is of utmost importance and a necessity for you and the family‘s health.

 VitrA Fresh WC pan features an integral tank that dispenses detergent with every flush, helping to clean the pan thoroughly and protect against the build-up of bacteria and germs. VitrA Fresh prevents the need to add cleaning agents to the cistern, which can corrode the flushing mechanism. VitrA Fresh is one of the many features that ensure lasting hygiene for the VitrA wall-hung WC as it circulates cleaning fluid around the bowl with each flush, cleaning, and preventing limescale and odours. A fully-charged VitrA Fresh dispenser is good for 800 flushes. The liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pan adds liquid detergent to the flushing water, every flush maximising hygiene and freshening the air. VitrA Fresh is now available in Metropole, D-Light and Nest in WC’s. Metropole is designed by the award-winning design group NOA from Germany.

Nest series which is designed by the Pentagon Design and D-Light by VitrA design team. The VitrA Fresh liquid detergent dispenser adds a pre-measured amount to the flushing water each time. It cleans and freshens after each use. As the VitrA Fresh dispenser is independent of the cistern, there is no risk to the internal parts of the cistern. This also makes cleaning much quicker.

 VitrA Fresh ensures a pleasant odour in the bathroom together with maximum hygiene and sanitation. Avoid the odour of a toilet left unclean with the new VitrA Fresh. Keeping your toilet germ-free as possible is key to keeping you and your family healthy.


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