Styling tips to elevate your space

 Styling tips to elevate your space

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Janavi Javeri

When designing a room, it’s the accessories that add the final layer of drama! Although a lot of people find styling daunting, it’s simply bringing together all the decorative details in an aesthetically pleasing way. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a space that is considered, inviting, and ultimately an expression of you and the things you love. To simplify the process, we’ve come up with five easy ways to style your home.

Through Objects
The thing about accessories is that not only do they bring form, colour, and texture to a space, but they also create conversations. Because objects are tied to memories and experiences, their authenticity can shape and personalize the identity of your room. All the way from furniture to crockery, each item has its own set of unique characteristics that can enhance your space and share your story.

On Surfaces
Kitchen countertops, dining tables, console tables, coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves are all surfaces for accessories to shine! While there is no correctly prescribed way to style a surface, we recommend arranging objects symmetrically, asymmetrically, and in stacks to create visually appealing formations.

With Textiles
Textiles in the form of upholstery, cushions, throws, bedding, and rugs can bring in so many different vibes through their colour, textures, and patterns. Whether you pile them up or layer them together, they can make your space look lived in with their comfort, tactility, and craftsmanship.

Through Greenery
Whether unruly or neatly bunched together, flowers, foliage, plants, and branches bring instant freshness to your space. Their organic forms and colours add a natural touch to any room, making them one of our all-time essentials. You really can’t go wrong with them!

And Artwork
A properly displayed sculpture, painting, or unique object never fails to express taste and make a statement! Art is the perfect way to draw attention to your space and build the mood of your room. You can even get experimental with your positioning and prop paintings up on shelves or tables!

Within all these areas, you can play around with items until the overall feel and aesthetics make sense to you. Always keep in mind that styling is a form of communication that offers versatility in accordance with personal moods and tastes. By adding, editing and curating items, you can change the tone of any room without altering its bones!

Interior Stylist Janavi Javeri is Founder of Walls and Things 





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