Smart toilet for smart people

 Smart toilet for smart people

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Washing with water after using the toilet is becoming increasingly popular as people understand its health benefits. Therefore, to provide an innovative, user-friendly, fully customisable personal hygiene washing experience, VitrA, the bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey, has introduced its technologically advanced V-Care Smart Toilet. Designed by multi-award-winning German design studio NOA in collaboration with the VitrA Design team, V-Care Smart Toilet offers all the features of a modern WC along with added advantages of a touch-free toilet, elegant look and a technologically advanced bathroom.

This remote-control VitrA innovation offers the ultimate in sanitation and comfort with its self-cleaning bidet nozzle, auto open-close, adjustable water temperature, different washing options, air-drying and odor absorption features. It offers drying temperature adjustment as well as water pressure adjustment so that you can use the WC with maximum comfort.  The seating area is very ergonomically designed as well.



The V-Care Smart Toilet can be controlled by an intuitively engineered remote control or side control panel. It provides easy access to simple cleaning and drying functions. The remote control helps in controlling features like nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat.

V-Care Smart Toilet has different washing alternatives, the integrated bidet nozzle provides gender-specific washing options and the bidet nozzle cleans itself before and after each use. It allows the user to regulate the water as desired.



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