Get a good night’s sleep for your little sleeper

 Get a good night’s sleep for your little sleeper

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Crafted with utmost care and designed specifically keeping in mind the baby’s health, SleepyCat has launched its exclusive Baby Mattress with Natural Organic Latex that is safe for your little one and is also eco-friendly.
The four inch natural latex foam is 100% organic and provides a natural cooling effect, thus making the mattress completely breathable. This organic baby mattress is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which means it is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin and ensures sound sleep without any discomfort caused due to the fabric you can rest assured.
This Sleepycat mattress is the answer to every new mom’s prayers as it comes with a Waterproof Zipper Cover made up of Terry Cotton fabric that supports the foam and is one of the essential pieces of the mattress. In case of emergencies, you can unzip the cover, wash and put it back on with ease. This helps in maintaining freshness for your child. In addition to this, Anti-skid base, which provides a sturdy grip and ensures a good night’s sleep to your little sleeper. For more information on kids mattresses in Melbourne please visit Eco Kids.

Price Rs 6,989 inclusive of all taxes and zero shipping charges. 



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