Plant-based liquid laundry detergent launched

 Plant-based liquid laundry detergent launched

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An integrated personal care company Azafran Innovacion Limited has come up with its home care vertical Azafran Home – Green & Clean, that has all plant-based home care products.

As a first in the series, the company has launched Tropical Breeze – 6 in 1 eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent. It is made from naturally derived and plant-based ingredients which are free from dyes and caters to all laundry needs; it is ideal for machine as well as hand wash. The product has been developed from certified organic ingredients, grown at a farmland near Sanand, Ahmedabad, and is devoid of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

Tropical Breeze removes tough stains, eliminates unpleasant odours and works as a natural fabric conditioner. This eco-friendly detergent is also suitable for baby cloths.

Available in exotic tropical breeze fragrance, the detergent is specifically formulated keeping the needs of a mother, a working woman and a housewife in mind.

The company will soon come up with more such innovative and natural products, including hand washes, home fragrances and organic candles.


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