Picasso’s The Kitchen in glass

 Picasso’s The Kitchen in glass

Inspired by the legendary artist Pablo Picasso, Reshmi Dey, founder of Glass Sutra, has created a range of lighting and accessories, building onto her functional art sensibility. The reference in this collection is literal with pattern in motifs borrowed from Pablo Picasso’s iconic piece, The Kitchen.
Painting The Kitchen is basically a network of intersecting black lines that structure an empty white space and few concentric lines to create shapes of Spanish plates. In the background, one could make out the owl and the turtledoves as well.

Pabloligero collection is a classic derivation of the painting, The Kitchen. Like the artwork, the collection is striking, neutral yet coloured, muted yet bold and aims to use playful, simplistic and sculptural elements to transform space. The collection is an attempt to explore space through the connections formed between lines. And one could very clearly see that the metaphysical and physical lines are forming certain shapes all through the collection hence creating bespoke and functional piece of art.


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