3D chimney from Faber

 3D chimney from Faber

Team L&M

Faber has launched a new range of World’s First Ever 3D Chimney. It comes with T2S2 technology with three-way suction. Its unique filters on the sides of the hood extract any smoke that escapes the bottom vent. This technology ensures kitchen free from smoke and grease making it appear neat and hygienic just like the kitchen of your dreams.
In a normal chimney, the suction happens from the bottom vents, hence any smoke which escapes the bottom vents tend to stay in the kitchen for a long time thus affecting individual’s health and kitchen environment.
It is available in black and SS options; 3D hoods come adapted to latest designs and finishes from Europe.
The new 3D chimney has 25% higher suction area, 15% better grease reduction and 15% less noise.


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