Looking for something exclusive?

 Looking for something exclusive?

Saurabh Tankha

It was on the advice of our spiritual guru that we (my wife and I) went looking for an aroma diffuser. “Diffusing essential oil helps reduce your stress and anxiety, it boosts the immune system apart from improving respiratory health and boosting memory as well as concentration,” Major (retd) Dalbir Singh who is a Reiki grandmaster, Gaidon master and a practicing master of 18 other spiritual sciences had told us.

The search, however, wasn’t as easy as we had thought it would be. With a trip to a marketplace, mall or state emporia where one could be spoilt for choice ruled out due to Covid-19, we turned our attention on the ever-dependent and ever-friendly google. And found that we were wrong. The search engine gave us loads and tonnes of options, almost all of them in ceramic – in different sizes, designs and colours. We kept website-hopping, shortlisting a few on the way.

The ones we finalised were based on how the aroma diffuser would merge with our study where we intended keeping it, its design and of course, its price. Not to forget, we didn’t want any run-of-the-mill stuff. After much deliberation and discussions, we ended up finalising the Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser from Studio Pottery (Rs 1,199) which we considered ourselves lucky to have come across on  https://exclusivelane.com/. This one just looked superb – as a small hearth where you can place a tealight and a beautiful little kettle above it in which one can pour the essential oil. Masterpiece creation! We bought it without even thinking twice.



Must add here for people reading this: The website also sells tableware, drinkware, kitchen storage items, desk accessories, vases, showpieces, idols pots and planters, jewellery, lighting and many other products which you are unlikely to find anywhere – in exclusive and never-seen designs and shapes. This means they are exclusive for you. And more importantly, these products do not burn a hole in your pocket!

Another worth a mention point here is that the website, www.exclusivelane.com, is extremely easy to navigate and buying anything just a cakewalk. You can also zoom into the product to see it closely, from the many options available, including one which compares it with a product you are likely to have at home. In our case, our aroma diffuser was compared with a one litre water bottle. This helps you give an idea on how would it look where you want to place it.

These days they are offering some discounts on products. So, don’t wait, log in to www.exclusivelane.com and join the exclusive group.


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