Lithology, Hands’ new collection of hand-tufted carpets

 Lithology, Hands’ new collection of hand-tufted carpets

The new collection of hand-tufted designs from Hands – Lithology — have their roots in the very essence of earth. The collection artistically emulates earth’s landforms through the infinite interplay of pile height variances, colours, textures, backgrounds, and craftsmanship. Beautifully hand tufted in 100% botanical silk, each carpet exudes a distinctive sheen and is a unique, elegant expression of luxury.

Each carpet is designed to be aesthetically different. And is styled beautifully to enhance the environment it adorns. The collection is spread across nine sections (each with two or three colour variations):
DELTA (rust, gold, silver taupe)
OSAR (grey beige, rust)
ALLUVIA (copper, blue)
ONEGA (silver amber, taupe silver)
LAGOON (amber taupe, turquoise)
LEVEE (mauve, silver taupe)
SPRUCE (charcoal rust. slate grey)
MASSIF (grey taupe, grey gold)
ARROYO (copper charcoal, blue, grey taupe)


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