Kaleidoscope furnishing fabrics from Clarke & Clarke

 Kaleidoscope furnishing fabrics from Clarke & Clarke

Clarke & Clarke has launched a new collection of furnishing fabrics – Kaleidoscope. The collection, available at Maishaa, is all about myriad fashionable colours and rich textures in sumptuous velvets. The collection comprises five distinctive designs from impressionist styles to sophisticated geometrics – Cubis, Mattone, Miscela, Prisma and Umbra – that offer delightful surface textures. These are available in a wide variety of colours, ranging from calming neutrals through to vibrant shades of fuchsia, peacock and citrus.

What’s more, these multi-purpose velvets and boucle weaves can be fashioned to create both for drapery and upholstery leading to a truly captivating look. Use them for a range of upholstery in a coordinated manner, or for just one furniture or cushions, they are sure to bring an unmistakable panache to the space.


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