ITC Savlon Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner

 ITC Savlon Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner

Hygiene is now becoming a habit and is extending beyond hand and personal hygiene to more stringent measures of ensuring hygiene of frequently touched surfaces. Disinfection is the new normal and ITC Savlon led its category innovation with its first zero contact Surface Disinfectant Spray, launched during the national lockdown. With convenience and preventive care at its core, ITC Savlon introduces Savlon Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner in a liquid and a spray and wipe format.



ITC Savlon’s multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner provides the dual benefit of cleaning and disinfecting in a single product. With a formulation that helps in germ kill and cleaning, Savlon Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner makes the everyday hygiene routine at home very simple. Savlon multipurpose disinfectant liquid in a dilute and use format caters to the need to clean and disinfect larger surfaces like floors, kitchen slabs and can also be used for laundry disinfection. With citrus fresh fragrance, both the products leave your home smelling pleasant. The Disinfectant + Cleaner liquid needs to be diluted with water and used. The Spray & Wipe is a direct apply format that needs to be sprayed on the surface and wiped with a cloth or a sponge. Both the products can be used on different types of surfaces making them a convenient solution for home cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Rs 193 for 500ml (Savlon Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner Liquid bottle)
Rs 159 for 500 ml (Savlon Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner)


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