Italy’s anti-snoring mattress comes to India

 Italy’s anti-snoring mattress comes to India

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Magniflex, Italy launches Magni SmarTech, world’s first anti-snoring mattress. Yes you read is right. This mattress stops snoring while asleep. It is also the first zero gravity mattress.
Zero gravity is the most comfortable position known to the world as of today which is the exact same position in which a child remains in a mother’s womb, known to completely distress one, giving a healthy sleep and lifestyle)
The Magni SmarTech has inbuilt features like monitoring body vitals with a network of sensors in the bed’s cushion layer that registers wake-up time, hours of sleep, average heart rate, respiration pattern, body movement.
It works on chromotherapy and has adjustable base, with a control unit that processes the collected data, which can be displayed either on your smart phone App or on the website.
The technological innovation monitors the data and provides suggestions to improve the quality of sleep. It also collects the data on the environment like mattress temperature, room temperature, room brightness and noise level.
It is presently available in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Gujarat.


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