GharGhar launches new collection of hand-made woolen dhurries

 GharGhar launches new collection of hand-made woolen dhurries

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For the forthcoming festive season, home décor brand GharGhar has unveiled a new collection of woolen dhurries ­–­ Soul Set. As the name suggests, ‘Soul Set’ defines the connection a person has with their soul and home. The idea behind the collection is to help people create a sustainable, soulful home that brings them happiness and comfort.

This collection is a mix of flat-woven dhurries that borrow some heart-warming elements from age-old handicrafts, and fuse it with a splash of colours inspired by the designers’ travels around the world. They are made using different yarns and techniques of weaving.

With their joyful colours and exciting new patterns, these hand-woven woolen dhurries are sure to bring cheer to your space. Significantly, being hand-made each piece is unique. From the sourcing of the raw material, dying, Kaati Khulai (opening of the yarn), to weaving, washing and finishing touches, everything involves hand-making, resulting making each piece one of its kind.

Made of sustainable, premium quality wool, these durable, low-pile and lightweight rugs are easy to maintain and clean.



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