New Frankie Dishwasher from Faber

 New Frankie Dishwasher from Faber

Team L&M

Faber has come up with its new elegantly designed dishwasher, the Frankie dishwasher. An efficient machine, it uses much less water than hand washing and does the job in minutes. It is semi-integrated, has stainless steel finish, electronic control and push button features.
The bottom rack is accessorized with a handle which makes loading and unloading easier. Tip-up rack can accommodate various sizes of crockery.
The upper basket can be positioned at different height levels. It offers great loading flexibility which means large saucepans and plates can be arranger on the bottom basket.
The innovative loading system allows loading of cutlery and small pieces of crockery in a third rack leaving more room for plates and large pieces of crockery at the bottom of the appliance.


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