Outdoor spaces for monsoon: Designing patios, balconies, and gardens

 Outdoor spaces for monsoon: Designing patios, balconies, and gardens

Ridhima Singh

Monsoons call for evenings with warm coffees and snuggling cosy corners, where we can comfortably embrace the downpours. We naturally stay indoors and enjoy the lush surroundings from the comfort of our homes. But, why gaze over the season staying indoors, when outdoor spaces can also offer the same experience with joy? With a little creativity, one can design a serene outdoor space that offers a respite from the waters and allows you to enjoy the spirit of the season. From immersive balconies to captivating patios, outdoor spaces can become serene havens during the monsoons. Lets see how we can create serene outdoor spaces for monsoons with simple twists and creativity.

Designing outdoor spaces

Designing for Durability with Weather-Resistant Materials
One of the most important considerations for designing outdoor spaces is selecting weather-resistant materials. Patios can be done with stone or porcelain tiles as they are non-porous. These resist mold and mildew, making them ideal for wet conditions. For balconies, consider composite decking, which combines the look of natural wood with durability. Composite decking is resistant to water damage and fading, making it a perfect choice for exposed areas. Permeable stones and pebbles in garden areas can reduce runoff in monsoons. Moreover, raised garden beds with well-draining soil can also help protect plants from excess moisture.

Creating Protective Enclosures for Outdoors
While designing outdoor spaces it is essential to provide adequate shelter from rain. Retractable awnings to fixated canopies can shield patios from rainfall. Pergolas with climbing plants or retractable covers can provide a sheltered area outdoors. Moreover, in balconies weather-resistant blinds or roll-up screens allow you to adjust the level of protection. Additionally, frosted glass panels provide a barrier against the rain while maintaining an open, airy feel. In garden areas, consider installing gazebos or garden pavilions. These structures can serve as focal points and provide a dry space for seating or dining.

Monsoon-Friendly Furniture for Outdoors
Selecting the right furniture is essential in creating a comfortable outdoor space. Opt for pieces that are durable and capable of withstanding wet conditions. Furniture made of synthetic wicker in patios is easy to clean and can resist damage. For balconies, go for foldable furniture that can be easily moved. Hanging chairs or hammocks made from quick-drying materials can add a touch of relaxation in rainy weather. Furthermore, stone or metal benches can be included in gardens as they are less susceptible to water damage. Incorporate garden tables with built-in drainage to prevent water accumulation on surfaces, making them low maintenance.

Enhancing the Monsoon Mood with Outdoor Lighting

Thoughtful lighting can transform outdoor spaces into magical retreats during the monsoon. String lights can add a whimsical touch to patios creating a cosy ambience. Pathway lights can ensure safe navigation in the evenings. Uplights can curate a magical atmosphere in gardens and enhance the visual appeal. Further, waterproof lighting fixtures can withstand rigours of the harsh monsoon. Consider wall-mounted sconces or hanging pendant lights on balconies. These fixtures provide focused illumination while freeing up floor space.

Designing outdoor spaces for the monsoon season involves a delicate balance of practicality and aesthetics. With careful planning, you can transform your outdoor areas into monsoon havens that offer comfort and a deep connection with nature.

Ridhima Singh is an architect. She is the Founder
& Creative Designer at Danza Del Design


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