Celebrating diversity of desi handicrafts

 Celebrating diversity of desi handicrafts

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For long, we had been planning to buy a brass idol of Kamdhenu, the divine bovine-goddess described as mother of all cows in Hindu scriptures. Our spiritual guru had told us that Kamadhenu is a miraculous “cow of plenty” who provides her owner all his/ her wills and ushers in wealth and happiness. He also said that it is considered a source of prosperity, success and wealth, symbolises self-sacrificing nature, fertility, prosperity and purity in all aspects.

But hunting for an ideal Kamdhenu in these challenging times of Covid-19 was a challenge in itself. This is where online shopping comes to one’s rescue. And it did for us. We were, in fact, lucky to have come across a wonderful website, https://tokenz.com/ where we found the perfect Kamdhenu. Made in heavy solid brass, standing 2.5 inches tall and weighing 400 g, the sacred cow had a Ganesha carved on its back along with a calf named Nandini which denotes care, love and tenderness. The carving on each of these idols is neat and intricate. There are multiple options available too.



We also liked another idol, that of Navdurga, the goddess of strength who sat on a tiger with her 10 hands holding different weapons symbolising different kinds of shakti (power) humans possess. This brass idol weighed 320 g and stood 3.5 inches tall.

Tokenz is a leading online shopping store with an exceptional collection for handcrafted items from all around the country to make your search for something creative and outstanding easy. So you can either buy it for yourself or even gift it to your loved ones. You can choose from fine art paintings to portraits to abstract works and landscape paintings to pots and vases, jewellery, food items and other accessories.

Another worth a mention point here is that the website, https://tokenz.com/, is extremely easy to navigate and buying anything a cakewalk. You can also zoom the products to see them closely and there are more than option to see it up close for each of them.


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