Casa Exotique’s Nordic style rhino bookshelf

 Casa Exotique’s Nordic style rhino bookshelf

This Nordic-style rhino shape bookshelf by Casa Exotique speaks a volume about mankind’s love for knowledge and wildlife. Made from the bleach plywood, this beautifully carved bookshelf is available in many colour options such as natural wood, brown, and black. The spacious top and two large shelves indeed acknowledge the worth of precious books, unique manuscripts, and classic movies. This artistic 4ftx3ft bookshelf can be used as sideboard/coffee table or a multipurpose desk is an ideal fit not only to a reading room but can accentuates the interior of a drawing or living room too. Due to its legitimate connection with forests, people enjoy pristine aesthetics and can feel closer to nature. Customisation is possible in terms of colour and finish.
Available at Casa Exotique, Gurgaon
Price On request


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