TOP 5 Bedding products you need this winter season  

 TOP 5 Bedding products you need this winter season  

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Winter is for a hot cup of your favourite beverage, bonfires, and cosying up in a warm fuzzy blanket. It’s all about getting as many night-ins, watching your favourite movies with your person and snuggling in that warm blanket that makes falling asleep so much more comfortable. Who wouldn’t want all of the aforementioned things? And if you want it too, we have just one question for you- Are you prepared for the winter season?
If your answer is ‘No’ then you’ve come to the right place. Read on, and prepare to make the winter season full of love and lots of warmth.
Rajiv Merchant, President Domestic Retail, Boutique Living, Indo Count Ind. Ltd. suggests, “You can use the perfect bedding additions to give you that warm cosy feeling. Some elegant-looking covers and duvets are just what you need this winter season.”

Start At The Bottom
We mean that you should start with what you’re sleeping on. Your mattress also needs to be covered enough for chilly nights and foggy mornings. You can go for a tightly threaded cotton bedsheet which tends to keep you from getting cold, but is also a breathable material and doesn’t make you sweat.

Layer It Up|
Just like humans bring their best layer game during the winter season, your mattress can definitely use some layering too. After adding a thick bed sheet for the season, consider adding a layer or two of soft, delicately stitched quilts that will keep your bed cosy and add more warmth.

Cover Yourself
Well, isn’t this obvious? Invest in some heavy blankets and comforters that will keep you warm during the winter season and will also last for years. You can go for wool or heavy cotton comforters which are lightweight but also give the desired warmth.

Just Duvet It
Adding duvets will not just give you extra warmth, but also add more personality to your bedroom and make it look well put together. Again, make a decent investment for both winter and summer, but make sure it’s especially useful in the winter season. A good quality temperature-controlling duvet will keep you warm by trapping your body heat. The same duvet will be breathable during summer and keep you from sweating.

Throw It
The winter bedroom of anyone’s dreams is incomplete without one thing- a bed throw. It just adds so much more element to your space while giving you an extra item for warmth. They are carefully woven with the most supple wool that it sure feels like a warm hug.
With all these tips written here, there’s a 100 per cent possibility that you’ll have a lot of warmth to get you a good night’s sleep and make sure you get just enough sleep to not be moody as the sun shows up!



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