TOP 5 Tips for a perfect home

 TOP 5 Tips for a perfect home

Team L&M

Who doesn’t want a perfect home? We all have that wish. Believe me, it isn’t difficult to make this wish come true. All you have to do is take a little care of the small details.

1) Keep in mind the tranquility of design when you shop for home furnishing items like sofa covers and curtains, bed sheets and wall papers. The interiors should offer you peace and love. I basically love small floral but simplistic designs in pastel colours.

2) Wherever possible place delicate wind chimes. There is nothing more uplifting than the tinkering of the bells when the wind blows. For me, it offers the serenity of a temple. And your home is a temple, after all.

3) Make sure that you have at least four-five indoor plants. The green soothes the eyes and also purifies the atmosphere. Additionally, if you have plants like tulsi, lavender and marigold you won’t face the problem of flies and mosquitoes either.

4) Keep your home fragrant, with air diffusers, essential oils or just simple old agarbattis. I abhor room freshners; they are usually chemicals and come too strong for me. But if you want you can go in for those. I prefer having an air diffuser; with essential oils like lemon grass, lavender and nagchampa and kevra. They are simply ethereal.

5) Most of all, keep your home neat and clean. Keep those dried clothes neatly stacked in almirahs, not scattered on beds, the dining chairs pulled in under the table and kitchen platforms wiped clean.

Your home is your heaven after all. Work to make it one.


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