Virtual seminar by ASSOCHAM extols benefits of daily yoga

 Virtual seminar by ASSOCHAM extols benefits of daily yoga

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In a bid to create an awareness to battle Covid19 and its numerous variants, the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), the apex industry association of the country, organised a virtual session on ‘Yoga and Wellness During Omicron’ under the auspices of its CSR Council. A part of its ‘Illness to Wellness’ campaign, the session was attended by noted health professionals who offered their perspectives on how yoga and wellness activities can boost immunity.

Speaking on the adverse impact of Covid19 on our physical and psychological health, ASSOCHAM CSR Council chairman Anil Rajput highlighted that a strong immune system plays a fundamental role in promoting good health as well as in responding effectively to viruses. Traditional Indian therapy of Yoga helps in enhancing the immune system.

Applauding the Delhi Government’s recent initiative Delhi ki Yogshala where residents of Delhi, who are under home isolation due to Covid19 infections are provided virtual Yoga lessons, he added, “Yoga, also has a significant role in the psycho-social care of Covid19 patients in quarantine and isolation and helps to overcome stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness which have particularly worsened during the current times”.

“Unlike Delta variant, Omicron doesn’t really affect the lungs. It, however, does exhibit the classic symptoms of cough, cold and flu which is quite prevalent and shouldn’t be ignored as it spreads really fast,” said certified yoga teacher Dr Aishwarya Nigam, adding that the need of the hour is to not pay any heed on myths that add to the worry and fear around us.

Yoga expert Sohan Singh remarked that being mentally strong can save you half way through Covid19. “Following a daily breathing regime of 10-minute can help in the long run,” he said while demonstrating asanas like Bhujangasana, Shashankasana, Cobra pose, Kapalbhati and Pranayam that helpbuild immunity.

“Uncertainty will always be a major factor, but only an individual, whose mind is uncluttered and harbours no negativity will be tide through it,” stated yoga and wellness coach Manjusha Adlakha.




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