Time to get Reload-ed

 Time to get Reload-ed

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Staying healthy and fit is the norm today. Everyone believes in living an active lifestyle, from athletes, to millennials, to housewives, mothers and fitness enthusiasts. Fast&Up, one of the fastest growing nutrition brands in the country, offers India’s first effervescent range of nutrition. Reload, their flagship workout replenishment drink, is a hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement and India’s only pure, clean and fast-acting hydration supplement. It helps the body with nutritive electrolytes to energise post workout instantly.

Fast&Up is also the country’s first electrolyte supplement and the informed choice for athletes and sportspersons. It provides quality nutrition, is beneficial in leading a healthy lifestyle, is made in India and 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.
Reload is available in the form of an effervescent tablet which comes in four flavours: Citrus, Cola, Lime and Lemon. This hydration supplement is available in a tube of 20 effervescent tablets to help to prevent dehydration specially during commute, travel and be a part of one’s daily active life.
Price The tube with 20 units of Reload costs Rs 215 and a pack of four costs Rs 840


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