Thyrocare launches Jaanch, a brand for specialised health packages

 Thyrocare launches Jaanch, a brand for specialised health packages

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On the occasion of World Health Day, diagnostic and preventive healthcare service provider Thyrocare launched Jaanch to provide targeted, detailed and affordable healthcare solutions to all. Jaanch has 26 packages under nine vital specialties that cover heart health, diabetes, thyroid, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), women’s reproductive health, skin care, hair fall and fever.

The launch of Jaanch comes at a time when lifestyle diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent in India – contributing to around 60 per cent of deaths. Factors such as unhealthy dietary habits, lack of physical activity, excessive stress and sedentary lifestyle have increased the risk of developing lifestyle diseases. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in India, followed by cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. Nearly 75 per cent of Indians below 50 years are at risk of heart attack.

Jaanch offers 26 focused packages for nine crucial diseases under one roof

The good news is many of these diseases can be prevented by reducing common risk factors, maintaining healthy habits and getting regular health check-ups.

Says Rahul Guha, MD & CEO, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, “Our endeavour is to help people live healthier lives. Jaanch has a series of 26 packages curated for nine crucial diseases under one umbrella. It helps you stay one step ahead of diseases by reducing the risk of developing diseases and managing them better. At very affordable and competitive rates, Jaanch helps obtain better treatment, reduce overall medical cost, make healthier lifestyle choices and boost complete well-being.”

Adds Amit Bhola, Head-B2B, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, “Jaanch is designed to provide an entire buffet of specialised packages for common diseases, which are a major health concern in India, at affordable prices. It aims to encourage people to make small and wise investments in their health today, which can prevent the progression of diseases and avoid physical, emotional and financial burdens on patients and their families in the future.”


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