Tatva launches Kesari Gold Sugar

 Tatva launches Kesari Gold Sugar

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Tatva Health and Wellness has launched ‘Kesari Golden Sugar’ an unrefined and naturally low GI sugar with no chemicals or additives. Kesari Golden Sugar is a perfect alternate for consumers looking at a healthier sugar option.

Talking about it, Tatva Managing Director Sachin Jain says, “Consumers post pandemic have become very health conscious and have been researching a lot on what they consume. There has been various innovations in food segment.  We looked at the sugar market in India. There has been hardly any R&D to make sugar healthier or better. In fact, consumers are now looking at a healthier alternate which is difficult to find today. We see the sugar-related problems not only in India but apparently a global pandemic.”

“We partnered with Nucane, Australia, and with their global patented technology, it gives us immense pleasure to launch the this sugar in India with this technology. Our sugar is unrefined and naturally low GI with no chemicals or additives and is a perfect alternative for consumers looking for a healthier sugar that tangibly help in the fight against obesity and diabetes,” he adds.

The product has currently been launched in Bangalore with further plans of being launched in Tamil Nadu and other states.


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