DYU Healthcare introduces Smart IVF to help childless couples

 DYU Healthcare introduces Smart IVF to help childless couples

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DYU Healthcare has introduced Smart IVF, a revolutionary new technology, which will help patients achieve their dream of starting a family. The cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to optimize the IVF process and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. With Smart IVF, the highly trained team of fertility specialists can provide personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The system uses data-driven analysis to help predict the best time for egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer, resulting in improved outcomes and higher success rates.

“The launch of Smart IVF is a significant milestone for us and the field of reproductive medicine,” says Dr Jyoti Bandi, Founder, DYU Healthcare. “Our team is committed to providing our patients with the best possible care, and this technology will allow us to deliver personalized treatments that are more efficient and effective,” she adds. Some of the key benefits of Smart IVF are:

Increased accuracy and precision
Smart IVF technology uses advanced imaging techniques and computer algorithms to analyze embryos and select the healthiest ones for implantation. This increases the accuracy and precision of embryo selection, leading to higher success rates and fewer multiple pregnancies. AI and machine learning enables fertility experts to choose the best sperm with a single click of a button in three seconds

Personalized treatment
This technology allows doctors to personalize treatment plans based on a patient’s individual needs and circumstances. This can improve the chances of success and reduce the risk of complications

Improved embryo culture
This  technology uses innovative culture systems that mimic the natural conditions of the female reproductive tract. This creates a more stable and nurturing environment for embryos to develop, improving their quality and viability

Embryo witnessing system
This method enables doctors to time-lapse the growth of embryos without disturbing their micro-environment to choose the best one, thereby reducing the financial and emotional burden by reducing the number of IVF attempts

Non-invasive testing
Smart IVF technology includes non-invasive tests that can detect genetic abnormalities and other potential issues with embryos without the need for invasive procedures. This reduces the risk of harm to the embryos and increases the accuracy of diagnosis.

Nano-robotic arm
Smart IVF at DYU uses a nano-robotic arm is used for IVF-ICSI which analyzes the egg quality and reduces the chance of egg damage

Reduced risk of miscarriage
By selecting the healthiest embryos for implantation, smart IVF technology can reduce the risk of miscarriage and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy

Smart IVF technology can reduce the need for multiple IVF cycles by improving the success rate of each cycle. This can help couples save money and reduce the emotional and physical toll of repeated IVF treatments.


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