Sanjeevan Hospital unveils new Cathlab and CTVS Services, launches chest pain helpline

 Sanjeevan Hospital unveils new Cathlab and CTVS Services, launches chest pain helpline

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On the occasion of National Doctors Day (July 1) today, Sanjeevan Hospital unveiled its state-of-the-art Cathlab and Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) services. The inauguration was done by Lok Sabha MP from East Delhi and  Minister of State in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Shri Harsh Malhotra ji in the presence of eminent doctors from across the city of Delhi.

A dedicated Chest Pain Helpline, aimed at providing immediate assistance and support to individuals experiencing chest pain and related symptoms was also launched on the occasion. The helpline would be a boon for the Delhi citizens, particularly those in the old Delhi and the walled city area providing them early access to emergency cardiac services

Dr Manav Aggarwal, Director of Cardiology Services at Sanjeevan Hospital, stated, “The launch of our Cathlab and CTVS services represents a significant advancement in our ability to provide comprehensive cardiac care. Our goal is to ensure that patients  of this area receive the highest standard of tertiary treatment with the latest technology and expertise available at affordable prices .”

National Doctor’s Day

Dr Prem Aggarwal, Managing Director at Sanjeevan Hospital, added, ” Our mission at Sanjeevan is to provide quality care at affordable prices. We are happy to introduce the Chest Pain Helpline as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance patient care and accessibility and golden hour management. We hope the Cathlab and CTVS services along with the helpline serve as a critical resource for those in need of immediate medical attention, ensuring timely intervention and support.”

The Cardiac team at Sanjeevan Hospital includes Dr Manav Aggarwal (DM Cardiology), Dr. Rani Sharma (DM Cardiology), Dr. Sudhir Kumar Shahi (Mch CTVS), and Dr Prem Aggarwal (DNB Cardiology). The addition of the Cathlab and CTVS services is expected to significantly improve the hospital’s capabilities in diagnosing and treating complex cardiovascular conditions. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of highly skilled specialists, these new services will provide patients with access to advanced medical procedures and treatments.


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